2nd APRIL Monday New session begins
3rd APRIL Tuesday
4th APRIL Wednesday
5th APRIL Thursday
6th APRIL Friday
7th APRIL Saturday World health Day (Special Assembly)/  Staff vs Students Volley Ball Match / Interhouse Board decoration competition (Std-X)
8th APRIL Sunday
9th APRIL Monday
10th APRIL Tuesday
11th APRIL Wednesday
12th APRIL Thursday
13th APRIL Friday
14th APRIL Saturday *Ambedkar Jayanti(Holiday)
15th APRIL Sunday
16th APRIL Monday
17th APRIL Tuesday
18th APRIL Wednesday World Heritage Day (Special Assembly)/Field Trip
19th APRIL Thursday
20th APRIL Friday
21st APRIL Saturday
22nd APRIL Sunday World Earth Day
23rd APRIL Monday World Book Day (Special Assembly)/  Slogan Writing Competition
24th APRIL Tuesday
25th APRIL Wednesday
26th APRIL Thursday
27th APRIL Friday
28th APRIL Saturday Group Dance Competition(House activity Theme-Meri Maa)
29th APRIL Sunday International Dance Day
30th APRIL Monday
1st May Tuesday International Labour Day (Special Assembly)/     Powerpoint Presentation Competition (Theme-My Mother)
2nd May Wednesday
3rd May Thursday
4th May Friday
5th May Saturday Mother’s Day Celebration
6th May Sunday
7th May Monday
8th May Tuesday
9th May Wednesday
10th May Thursday
11th May Friday UNIT TEST (IX-XII)
12th May Saturday UNIT TEST (IX-XII)
13th May Sunday
14th May Monday
15th May Tuesday Fun Day/School closes for Summer break/Regular classes for X & XII (Board Classes)
1ST July Tuesday School Re-opens after summer break
2nd July Wednesday
3rd July Thursday
4th July Friday
5th July Saturday
6th July Friday
7th July Saturday
8th July Sunday
9th July Monday
10th July Tuesday Interhouse Board decoration competition (Std-IX)
11th July Wednesday World Population Day (Special Assembly)
12th July Thursday
13th July Friday
14th July Saturday Investiture Ceremony
15th July Sunday
16th July Monday
17th July Tuesday
18th July Wednesday
19th July Thursday
20th July Friday   Competitions :-English Rhyme(I-II)/ Story Telling (III-IV)
21st July Saturday  Competitions :-Extempore (V-VI)/English debate (VII-X)
22nd July Sunday
23rd July Monday
24th July Tuesday
25th July Wednesday
26th July Thursday Kargil Vijay Diwas
27th July Friday
28th July Saturday
29th July Sunday
30th July Monday PRE-MIDTERM (Written)
31st July Tuesday PRE-MIDTERM (Written)
1st Aug Wednesday PRE-MIDTERM (Written)
2nd Aug Thursday PRE-MIDTERM (Written)
3rd Aug Friday PRE-MIDTERM (Written)
4th Aug Saturday  Tournament:-Interhouse Basket Ball (IX-XII)
5th Aug Sunday
6th Aug Monday  Tournament:-Interhouse Dodge Ball (VI-VIII)
7th Aug Tuesday  Tournament:-Interhouse Dog & the Bone (I-V)
8th Aug Wednesday
9th Aug Thursday Quit India Day (Special Assembly)
10th Aug Friday Interhouse Board decoration competition (Std-VIII)
11th Aug Saturday Result Declaration for Pre-Midterm/SSt & Science Exhibition
12th Aug Sunday
13th Aug Monday
14th Aug Tuesday
15th Aug Wednesday Independence Day Celebration/                                                                     Interhouse Group Song Competition
16th Aug Thursday
17th Aug Friday
18th Aug Saturday
19th Aug Sunday Photography Day
20th Aug Monday
21st Aug Tuesday
22nd Aug Wednesday *Id-Ul-Zuha (Holiday)
23rd Aug Thursday
24th Aug Friday
25th Aug Saturday Super Sibling Competition(Siblings exhibiting talent together to strengthen the bond between them)
26th Aug Sunday *Raksha Bandhan
27th Aug Monday
28th Aug Tuesday
29th Aug Wednesday
30th Aug Thursday UNIT TEST (IX-XII)
31st Aug Friday UNIT TEST (IX-XII)
1st Sept Saturday Janmashtami Celebration/Interhouse Board decoration competition (Std-VII)/Science Quiz -Round-I (VI-X)
2nd Sept Sunday
3rd Sept Monday *Janmashtami (Holiday)
4th Sept Tuesday
5th Sept Wednesday Teacher’s day Celebration
6th Sept Thursday
7th Sept Friday
8th Sept Saturday World Literacy Day (Special Assembly)
9th Sept Sunday
10th Sept Monday
11th Sept Tuesday
12th Sept Wednesday
13th Sept Thursday
14th Sept Friday Hindi Diwas/ dfork ikB  (I-III) dFkkdkfjrk (IV-V)                                      vk’kq izfr;ksfxrk (VI-VII)  okn&fookn izfr;ksfxrk (IX-X)
15th Sept Saturday Engineer’s Day
16th Sept Sunday
17th Sept Monday
18th Sept Tuesday
19th Sept Wednesday *Baba Ramdev Jayanti
20th Sept Thursday
21st Sept Friday *Moharram (Holiday)
22nd Sept Saturday
23rd Sept Sunday
24th Sept Monday Science Quiz -Round-II (VI-X)
25th Sept Tuesday
26th Sept Wednesday
27th Sept Thursday World Tourism Day
28th Sept Friday   UNIT TEST (IX-XII)
29th Sept Saturday   UNIT TEST (IX-XII)
30th Sept Sunday
1st Oct Monday Interhouse Board decoration competition (Std-VI)
2nd Oct Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti Celebration/International Non-Violence Day
3rd Oct Wednesday
4th Oct Thursday
5th Oct Friday
6th Oct Saturday
7th Oct Sunday
8th Oct Monday
9th Oct Tuesday
10th Oct Wednesday *Navratra Sthapna (Holiday)
11th Oct Thursday
12th Oct Friday
13th Oct Saturday Dandiya Dhamaal
14th Oct Sunday
15th Oct Monday
16th Oct Tuesday World Food Day (Special Assembly)
17th Oct Wednesday *Durga Ashtami (Holiday)
18th Oct Thursday
19th Oct Friday *Dussehra Holiday
20th Oct Saturday
21st Oct Sunday
22nd Oct Monday MIDTERM (Oral)(I-VIII)
23rd Oct Tuesday MIDTERM (Oral)(I-VIII)
24th Oct Wednesday MIDTERM (Oral)(I-VIII)
25th Oct Thursday
26th Oct Friday
27th Oct Saturday MIDTERM (Written) (I-XII)
28th Oct Sunday
29th Oct Monday MIDTERM (Written) (I-XII)
30th Oct Tuesday
31st Oct Wednesday MIDTERM (Written) (I-XII)
1st Nov Thursday MIDTERM (Written) (I-XII)
2nd Nov Friday
3rd Nov Saturday MIDTERM (Written) (I-XII)
4th Nov Sunday *Diwali Holidays Begin
5th Nov Monday *********************
6th Nov Tuesday *********************
7th Nov Wednesday *********************
8th Nov Thursday *********************
9th Nov Friday *********************
10th Nov Saturday *********************
11th Nov Sunday *********************
12th Nov Monday School re-opens after Diwali Break
13th Nov Tuesday
14th Nov Wednesday Children’s Day Celebration(Children’s Fette)
15th Nov Thursday Tournaments:-Interhouse Football (Boys IX-XII)/Cricket (Girls IX-XII)
16th Nov Friday Tournaments:-Interhouse Football (Boys VI-VIII)/Cricket (Girls VI-VIII)
17th Nov Saturday Tournaments:-Interhouse Dodge Ball (I-V)
18th Nov Sunday
19th Nov Monday
20th Nov Tuesday Interhouse Board decoration competition (Std-V)
21st Nov Wednesday *Baravafat (Holiday)
22nd Nov Thursday
23rd Nov Friday *Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday)
24th Nov Saturday Result Declaration for Mid Term Examination/ Art & Craft Exhibition
25th Nov Sunday
26th Nov Monday National Constitution Day(Special Assembly)
27th Nov Tuesday
28th Nov Wednesday
29th Nov Thursday UNIT TEST (IX/XI)
30th Nov Friday UNIT TEST (IX/XI)
1st Dec Saturday Fancy dress competition(Theme-Fairy tale/cartoon character)
2nd Dec Sunday
3rd Dec Monday
4th Dec Tuesday
5th Dec Wednesday
6th Dec Thursday
7th Dec Friday
8th Dec Saturday
9th Dec Sunday
10th Dec Monday Human Rights Day (Special Assembly)
11th Dec Tuesday
12th Dec Wednesday
13th Dec Thursday I PRE-BOARDS-X/XII
14th Dec Friday
15th Dec Saturday I PRE-BOARDS-X/XII
16th Dec Sunday
17th Dec Monday I PRE-BOARDS-X/XII
18th Dec Tuesday
19th Dec Wednesday I PRE-BOARDS-X/XII
20th Dec Thursday UNIT TEST (IX/XI)
21st Dec Friday Interhouse Board decoration competition (Std-IV)/                                             I  PRE-BOARDS-X/XII/UNIT TEST (IX/XI)
22nd Dec Saturday CHRISTMAS DAY CELEBRATION/ Farewell for class XII
23rd Dec Sunday Winter Break Begins
24th Dec Monday *****************************
25th Dec Tuesday * Christmas
26th Dec Wednesday *****************************
27th Dec Thursday *****************************
28th Dec Friday *****************************
29th Dec Saturday *****************************
30th Dec Sunday *****************************
31st Dec Monday *****************************
1st Jan Tuesday School re-opens after Winter Break/                                                            POST-MIDTERM (Written)
2nd Jan Wednesday POST-MIDTERM (Written)
3rd Jan Thursday POST-MIDTERM (Written)
4th Jan Friday POST-MIDTERM (Written)
5th Jan Saturday POST-MIDTERM (Written)
6th Jan Sunday
7th Jan Monday
8th Jan Tuesday
9th Jan Wednesday SST Quiz-Round I (VI-X)
10th Jan Thursday
11th Jan Friday
12th Jan Saturday National Youth Day (Special Assembly)
13th Jan Sunday
14th Jan Monday Makar Sankranti (Kite Festival)
15th Jan Tuesday
16th Jan Wednesday
17th Jan Thursday
18th Jan Friday Interhouse Board decoration competition (Std-III)
19th Jan Saturday Result Declaration for Post Mid Term Examination
20th Jan Sunday
21st Jan Monday
22nd Jan Tuesday
23rd Jan Wednesday
24th Jan Thursday
25th Jan Friday
26th Jan Saturday Republic Day Celebration
27th Jan Sunday
28th Jan Monday SST Quiz-Round II (VI-X)
29th Jan Tuesday
30th Jan Wednesday Martyr’s day (Mahatma Gandhi’s Martyrdom Day)/   UNIT TEST (IX/XI)
1st Feb Friday
2nd Feb Saturday II PRE-BOARDS-X/XII
3rd Feb Sunday
4th Feb Monday II PRE-BOARDS-X/XII
5th Feb Tuesday
6th Feb Wednesday II PRE-BOARDS-X/XII
7th Feb Thursday
8th Feb Friday II PRE-BOARDS-X/XII
9th Feb Saturday Competitions: Jewellary Making out of fruits and vegetables(VI-XII) Card Making (I-V)
10th Feb Sunday
11th Feb Monday
12th Feb Tuesday
13th Feb Wednesday
14th Feb Thursday
15th Feb Friday
16th Feb Saturday Interhouse Board decoration competition (Std-II)
17th Feb Sunday
18th Feb Monday
19th Feb Tuesday
20th Feb Wednesday
21st Feb Thursday
22nd Feb Friday
23rd Feb Saturday
24th Feb Sunday
25th Feb Monday
26th Feb Tuesday
27th Feb Wednesday
28th Feb Thursday National Science Day (Special Assembly)
1st March Friday
2nd March Saturday
3rd March Sunday
4th March Monday FINAL-EXAM (ORAL)
5th March Tuesday FINAL-EXAM (ORAL)
6th March Wednesday FINAL-EXAM (ORAL)
7th March Thursday
8th March Friday
9th March Saturday FINAL-EXAM (WRITTEN)
10th March Sunday
11th March Monday FINAL-EXAM (WRITTEN)
12th March Tuesday
13th March Wednesday
14th March Thursday FINAL-EXAM (WRITTEN)
15th March Friday
16th March Saturday FINAL-EXAM (WRITTEN)
17th March Sunday
18th March Monday FINAL-EXAM (WRITTEN)
19th March Tuesday
20th March Wednesday *Holika Dahan (Holiday)
21st March Thursday *Dhulendi (Holiday)
22nd March Friday
23rd March Saturday
24th March Sunday
25th March Monday
26th March Tuesday
27th March Wednesday
28th March Thursday Result Declaration for Final-Exams
29th March Friday
30th March Saturday
31st March Sunday
HOLIDAYS  YEAR 2018-2019
14th April Saturday Ambedkar Jayanti
22nd August Wednesday Id-ul-Zuha
26th August Sunday Raksha Bandhan
3rd September Monday Janmashtami
19th September Wednesday Baba Ramdev jayanti
21st September Friday Moharram
10th October Wednesday Navratra Sthapna
17th October Wednesday Durga Ashtami
19th October Friday Dussehra
21st November Wednesday Baravafat
23rd November Friday Guru Nanak Jayanti
25th Dec Tuesday Christmas
4rth March Monday Maha Shivratri
20th March Wednesday Holika Dahan
21st March Thursday Dhulendi
* Diwali Break – 4rth Nov.-11th Nov.
*  Winter Break – 23rd Dec. – 31st Dec.