Founder’s Message

bxp66028hMuch as I would like to provide insight into all the activities that take place in the school, it is not possible on a page such as this, nevertheless I would give a peep to the prospective parents a flavor of S.J.P.S.
We firmly believe the school and parents together make children into better people, who make the world of tomorrow a better place to live in. Our aim is to strike a partnership with each parent that in true spirit is having similar objectives and accountability for what happens. Our aim is also your desire the fulfillment of which is our joint responsibility we seek your support to make children self-worthy to face the challenges of future and to develop a tinge of humanity.
Teaching is like no other profession, for a teacher wears many hats, he is a communicator, a disciplinarian, a conveyer of information, an evaluator, a class room manager, a counselor a decision maker. The teacher must have distinguished character, most essential are knowledge, communication skill, respect for students moral valve system, which leads in will power, confidence to face problem & challenges parents will find all this in Saint Joseph Public School – A school for your children.

                                                                                             – Mr. Gordhan Hironi (Director)