Pink Pearl a visit full of entertainment

Pink Pearl visit was a complete entertainment and recreation for both the students & staff of SJPS. The movement we entered the park we all went crazy enjoying each rides. It was myriad and refreshing experience more than an oasis in the heart of a Desert; splashing, swimming, aquadisco, violent waves-we were thrill of zooming down from majestic high tubes which were as high as 45 to 60 feet. For some minutes we were lost in 120 M. flaring dragon’s stomach. One minute-wave pool where the splashing waves reminded us of kovalam beach. SJPS tiny toddlers had great fun sailing Bumber Boats, kiddie pool, where they played & had lots of fun. Drenched completely, yet we kept on dancing on various rhythms, beating to the beats from all parts of the world. The students had full adventure experiencing combination of fear & thrill, in the game.