Principal’s Message

bxp66028hThank you for the interest shown in Saint Joseph Public School.

The true test of education is not what one learns within the four walls of school and the class room, but what one does with the learning when he enters the life ahead. The assumption that the more information one can cram into one’s head, the more knowledge is acquired, stands no ground today. If we have to become a knowledge driven society, we will have to generate and apply knowledge profusely in a productive manner, there has to be encouragement given to innovation, quality and creativity in education.

To give knowledge which does not become an end in itself and to educate the mind to have a wide vision, a deep understanding of life is our goal. To do so in a stress free environment where the mind is alert and alive is the challenge our teachers face every day.

Perhaps it is this major difference of attitude that compels visitors to comment that the school feels different that there is certain openness as oppose to restrictions or regimentation. ‘A passion for Excellence’ is the mark for every Josephian and I wish that this mark shall become the habit of each Josephian throughout his life and this passion must come from within. Our children have won several laurels for the school at several inter-school cultural and sports events and have been groomed into talented, sensitive and confident youngsters with the same passion.

“We’ve just created ripples the waves are still to come…………”

                                                                                             – Mrs. Huma Khan (Principal)