Welcome To Saint Joseph Public School,Tonk

Mission Statement : We teach to think logically, judge critically and communicate clearly.

Educated persons are those who choose wisely and courageously under any circumstance. One is educated if one has the ability to choose between wisdom and foolishness, good and bad regardless of the academic degree.

True education embellishes the personality of a student. It inspires the child to develop his hidden talents and mould his character to perfection. It is quintessence of a harmonious growth of the mind, body and the senses.

Every student’s intellectual,    physical, cultural, psychological and moral advancement receives the utmost care in Saint Joseph Public School which realizes the fact that true education is a multi faced process and assemblage of these very interests.

We believe in the importance of practical education. Subjective knowledge is imparted within the framework of a thorough general education. 

“Goaling for perfection Our champs march forward, Victory is a habit Success a must With firmness & determination, We are God’s choicest creations, Hail! The school Saint Joseph, Success be ours.”



Director Desk


Much as I would like to provide insight into all the activities that take place in the school, it is not possible on a page such as..

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Academic Planner


Here you can find the detailed Academic Planner of year 2014-2015. For key dates and all the holiday information

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Academic Toppers


Congratulations to all our students on their achievements so far. Saint Joseph is very proud of all of your accomplishments!

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